The technology your hotel room really needs

The technology your hotel room really needs: power outlets

For a long time, hotel rooms were equipped with technology guests would typically not find in their homes.

Long gone are the days where we found seemingly giant flat-screen-TVs in our hotel rooms. Nowadays we have far bigger screens in our homes. Smart TVs that is.

Hotel owners and operators wonder what hoteltech, should be the next investment for their hotel rooms.

Will it be virtual reality? Or maybe voice devices (Marriott is already trying Amazon Alexa in their rooms)? Or maybe we need an entirely new super mega high-speed internet system (G5 is coming!)?

One thing is for certain. By the time all hotel rooms are equipped with the latest hotel technology, it will be already outdated and guests will have far more sophisticated technology in their homes.

What the hospitality industry needs to remember is, as always, to start with the basics.

Guests travel with their laptop, mobile phone, wireless headphones, external battery packs, and many more power hungry devices.

The one thing many hotel rooms lack today are power outlets. Who else here has unplugged lamps in a frustrated attempt to keep all devices powered up?

Let’s remember that when planning our next room renovation or room overhaul project.

Because no matter what, power is what we are going to need.